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    A factory that makes ideas, not things.

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    Secret experiments

    Secret Dream Lab - our top secret testing event where anything can happen.

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    Incredible imagination events

    Learn from the brightest minds on the planet the secrets to creativity on an industrial scale.

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    The formula for imagination

    Our workshops can help your organisation discover the secret formula for imagination.
    Ideas are explosive!

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    Thrilling audiences worldwide

    Thousands of people find the Spark of Imagination at our workshops and events.

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    Contagious creativity

    Join a worldwide community of Factory Workers. But be warned
    Creativity is infectious!

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    The wildest experts

    Experts from NASA, Facebook, Google, CERN, Framestore, Universal Robots, and many, many more can be found inside the factory.


Welcome to the factory that makes ideas, not things

Workshops, Events and a Community to fire up your mental machinery

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Three world class workshops

Imaginative training boosts your organization’s thinking in wild new ways.

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Two brilliant events

Secret Dream Lab and Factory of Imagination are the most exciting, innovative event formats around.

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One worldwide community

Be part of the global Friends of the Factory community

Fire up the machinery of your mind with 3 interactive creative workshops. Learn wild and wacky thought processes that will stretch your mind and bring your ideas to life. Join the most exciting production line on the planet.

Factory of Imagination LIVE is our spectacular annual special event, bringing world class experts together for Denmark’s largest imagination event, open to all.

Secret Dream Lab is the exclusive, invitation-only, “behind the scenes” experimental event full of sparks and surprises.

Join creative thinkers, tinkerers, makers and mind-benders, innovators, inspirators, and those who dare to be different. Developers, designers, entrepreneurs and inventors join movers, shakers, mischief-makers and anyone who doesn’t fit into a box. More than 20 different nationalities make up our Friends of the Factory community.

Friends of the Factory

Amazing experts from around the world contribute to the Factory of Imagination. Bringing together the most wonderful collection of artists, scientists, technologists, businesses, charities and creative champions.
Here’s who you might find in our factory.

What people are saying


“Star quality - all In all: an awesome event with great potential.”

— Claus Koch, Knowledge Center leader


“The Factory of Imagination was Magic all over! Your team was great, the atmosphere was relaxing but at the same time businesslike.”

— Hans Hendriks, CEO In-Core Group


“What an amazing event. A great credit to the energy, inventiveness and generosity of spirit - I was super-impressed.”

— Ian Coxon, Ecology of Care


“Highly inspirational, highly professional and some of the best speakers I have ever seen.”

— Mads Fugl, Coworking Odense


“The workshops participants LOVED it and we got so much excited feedback.”

— Nora Wolloch, World Summit Awards


“It’s a fantastic concept, an inspiring atmosphere paired with top-class speakers!”

— Marko Haschej, Impact.global

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Powered by Volunteers

Amazing volunteers from 20 different countries come together to create, design, build, innovate and celebrate the power of imagination.
The Factory of Imagination is powered by the passion, hard work, ambition and dreams of our dedicated volunteers
Become a volunteer

The factory belongs to those who build it. Would you like one in your community?
Contact us

Questions and Answers

The team is currently working on the next event. It is scheduled to take place in the autumn of 2017. You can follow our Facebook page to make sure you get the most current updates.
Tickets will be released via this website, and our Facebook page. Tickets go on sale in 2017.
The Secret Dream Lab is an invitation-only event for the most creative people on the planet. If that sounds like you, send us an E-mail explaining why you’re awesome, and we’ll let you know. But shhhh... it’s a secret after all.
You can book 3 exciting, engaging, and interactive workshops for your company, organisation or school. Perfect for groups from 20 participants to 100+ who want to boost their creativity in extreme ways. Our workshops come in 3 unique formats:

Factory Fundamentals - a one and a half hour, fun, energising creative session, to get your teams’ creative juices flowing.

Factory Foundations - a half-day advanced workshop, with high level creative techniques.

Industrial Imagination - a full-day mega session, for those who take creativity seriously.

The best way to get involved is to join our Friends of the Factory global community, online. As we like to say “The factory belongs to those who build it”.
The Factory of Imagination is run by an amazing team of hard working volunteers from over 20 different countries, speaking 15 different languages. It is co-ordinated in Denmark, by Belgian Steffie Limere and Adam Montandon from Britain.
Yes! - Send your ideas, suggestions, collaborations, via E-mail to Steffie@factoryofimagination.com
We’d love to! At the moment our team is working on bringing the Factory of Imagination to different places around the world. Maybe you’d like to help us in Brazil, California, Denmark, Belgium, the UK, or somewhere else entirely. Join our Friends of the Factory community online and tell us where we should go next.

Still have questions?
E-mail Steffie@factoryofimagination.com for answers

Take a look inside our factory

This short video takes you behind the scenes at the Secret Dream Lab and Factory of Imagination LIVE events. Designed and created by our amazing community.

Our 2016 teaser

See what went on at the 2016 Factory of Imagination LIVE event, with this short video featuring some of the expert minds that you can find inside our factory.

The story behind a factory

In this video, Factory of Imagination co-founder and teacher Adam Montandon explains the story behind its creation. Learn the ethos, the thinking, and the thought processes that helped build the “best lesson in the world”!

Steffie’s story

Factory of Imagination co-founder Steffie Limere talks about what it feels like to build a world class special event in Denmark. Steffie will explain how your dreams can grow if you step outside of your own environment into something new.